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Romania has a comprehensive universal health care system, which covers up medical examinations, any surgical interventions and any post-operator medical care, but also provides free or subsidized medicine for a range of diseases.

The pharmaceutical supply chain increased markedly in the past decade across all segments, contributing with over 1% to GDP formation (2010).The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, with prices of prescription based medicines being set by the public authorities. Although an important number of drug producers are present on the Romanian market (184), the first 10 largest drug manufacturers by the volume of drugs sold control almost 60% of the market. Also, the pharmaceutical industry in Romania is the 23rd largest contributor to the governments’ tax revenues from a total of 103 economic sectors.

European comparisons highlight that the Romanian companies from the pharma industry act in an environment with average claim collection period considerably higher as other countries. The official payment terms for RX drugs are 210 days, however in practice payment terms have exceeded 300 days throughout 2011.

Executive power: Romanian Ministry of Health ( )
Minister: Dr. Vasile Cepoi
Administration: National Health Insurance House (CNAS)
Budget (2012): EUR 4.68 billion, an estimated 5.6% of the GDP (EU average: 9.9% of the GDP)
State budget for medicines: EUR 1.26 billion
Funding: 79% public, 21% private
Pharmaceutical supply chain contribution (2011): an estimated 1% of the GDP
Gross value added by the pharma industry (2010):  an estimated EUR 1.5 billion
Number of pharma companies’ employees (2010): 62,100 employees, an estimated 1.52 % of the total employees in Romania
Prescription based (RX) drugs sales (2011): 84% of total medicine sales
Highly innovative drugs sales (2011): over 70% of the total value and 25% of the volume of the drugs sold
Medicine imports value (2011): EUR 2.1 billion
Medicine imports partners (2011): Hungary (16%), Germany (15%), Switzerland (12%) France (11%)
Medicine exports value (2011): EUR 590 million
Medicine exports partners (2011): Russia (13%), United Kingdom (11%), France (6%), Bulgaria (5%)

Chart 1: Overview of the Romanian pharmaceutical supply chain (2010)

Chart 2: Top 10 drug producers by the value of drugs sold on the Romanian market

Chart 3: Volume of drugs sold (thousand units)

Chart 4: Structure of drug sales by therapeutic areas (%), 12 month ending June 2011

Chart 5: Parallel exports in Romania vs parallel imports in developed EU countries (% domestic pharmacy sales)

Chart 6: Labor productivity (value added/no of employees, RON)

Chart 7: Dynamics of total healthcare expenditure (% of GDP) between 1995 and 2009

Chart 8: Structure of the fiscal contribution of the pharma industry (2010)



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